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TextArea Rich v3.0
Textarea Rich is a fully functional free replacement for your existing <textarea> HTML tag.

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TextArea Rich is now FREE! You can download your copy by registering – it takes less than a minute!


  • Right click context menus
  • Complete control through config
  • Minimal code to launch editor
  • Advanced table editing
  • Insert images
  • Preview page in set screen sizes
  • Find & Replace text
  • Insert special characters
  • Written entirely in JavaScript/HTML
  • Advanced colour picker
  • Advanced form editing
  • Clean MS Word HTML
  • Replace <P> with <BR>
  • Turn buttons on/off with ease
  • Customise menus/colours
  • Insert scrolling marquee
  • Insert current date/time
  • Load/Save using databases

… and more!

What you get

Once registered on the site, you will receive a unique client ID which will allow you to download TextArea Rich for free. In the members area you will also have access to upgrade your licence to a developers, should you wish to. You get:

  • 100% unencrypted source code
  • Installation & Support guides
  • Example ASP & PHP scripts to help get set up with a database
  • Access to the forum
  • Support via the message boards

Please note: If you download the free version of TextArea Rich – no extra support is given via email. We only answer support questions via the forums. You may purchase additional support via your members area.


  • Standard Demo
  • Minimal Demo
  • Customised Demo

Client Comments

This editor is great! I set it up in my form mailer really easily, best of all… it’s free!! Thanks Guys!
Dan McLoud, CoveredSoft UK
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