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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions we receive. If your question is not answered below, please go to our message board or contact us.

Q. Can TextArea Rich be used with a Database?
A. Yes. TextArea Rich can be used with a database to store and retrieve data from a table.

Q. I signed up, and have downloaded the Editor. How many times can I use it?
A. You can use the editor as many times as you like so long as you abide by the rules stated in the agreement you signed when registering. To use the editor on 4 websites is fine, but to use the editor in an application would require the developers licence.

Q. What is a Developer’s Licence?
A. This is a licence which allows you to use the editor in an application. The free licence allows you to use TextArea Rich on your own website, not in any sort of application. The developer’s licence carries an unlimited time scale, so no need to renew it after one year.

Q. How can I upgrade to the Developer’s Licence?
A. Once logged in, an option will appear in the “member’s menu” on the left hand side. Click the “Upgrade Licence” link to be taken to the payment page. We use WorldPay’s secure server to process payments. Other methods are also available.

Q. I like the editor, but I need other functionality adding, do you offer such a service?
A. Yes, we offer a customisation service where we can add or remove any functions to the editor. You might also want to try the forum where you can request a hack or feature.

Q. Can I remove the “About TextArea Rich” button from the toolbar?
A. This button is one of the conditions of the licence you sign when you download TextArea Rich. If you purchase a developers licence, you can remove the button. If you do not require a developers licence, but still would like to remove the about button please contact us for more information.


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Client Comments

Installation was easy and we were up and running quickly. Despite our inexperience, which showed when we contacted you, you showed patience and understanding so that we now have an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology running.
Ian Malcolm
Score Research
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