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TextArea Rich is owned by Recaf Internet Solutions Ltd who are based in Stockport, United Kingdom. We specialise in web-based software design and coding. TextArea Rich has been developed over the past two years, starting life as a standard textarea editor with very basic buttons – to the WYSIWYG editor it is today.

2001 – Version 1

Basic Textarea editor. No WYSIWYG component – used the current “VB Code” to product HTML. This orginated as a university project and started us on the way to the editor today.

2002 – Version 1.2

Vastly updated from version 1, this used the WYSIWYG environment. Offering more powerful javascript functions.

This came in “lite” and “pro” versions. One had minimal features and the other advanced editing features.

2003 – Version 2.0

This was the first version which supported right click context menus. Unfortunately the upgrading from version 1.2 to version 2.0 suffered from a lot of bugs and instability.

This version was never released and was laid to rest.

2004 – Version 3.0

This brings us on to version 3.0 – our latest release. Having learnt a few lessons from version 2.0 – we decided to completely re-write version 3.0 from the bottom up. A lot of time has gone in to planning the editor and even longer coding.

We listened to all the requests we received over the past 2 years and encorporated them all in to the new version. See the features page for more information.

If you require any further information, or have any enquiries about the editor, please contact us.


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Client Comments

This editor is great! I set it up in my form mailer really easily, best of all… it’s free!! Thanks Guys!
Dan McLoud, CoveredSoft UK
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