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The demos below show TextArea Rich being used in various situations. The demo will launch in a new window. If the window does not appear, it may be that you have a popup blocker switched on – if this is the case, please click the [open] hyperlink.

Demo 1 – TextArea Rich in Standard Mode

This demo shows TextArea Rich exactly how it comes when you download it. All the options are enabled. [open]

Demo 2 – Minimised Editor

In this demo, we have turned off most editing features in the config file and allowed only a selection of basic editing options. [open]

Demo 3 – Customised version

In this demo, we have added options to menus etc to show how TextArea Rich can be customised to suit your own organisation. [open]


  • Standard Demo
  • Minimal Demo
  • Customised Demo

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Just wanted to post a message here to say a huge thanks for the support you gave me over the past week..thanks again for a great service…..
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