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TextArea Rich has many features, we will list the main ones below – to best see the features, please try one of the demos.

Formatting Features

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  • Font formatting (bold, italic, etc)
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Style class selector
  • Font list
  • Font size list
  • Numbered/Bullet list
  • Standard colour palette
  • Advanced colour palette
  • Last used/favourite colours
  • Insert iImage
  • Alter image properties
  • Insert/Modify hyperlinks
  • Insert/Modify email links
  • Table support
  • Form support
  • Form elements support
  • Show/Hide form/table borders
  • Modify page properties

Other Features

  • TextArea Rich comes with a configuration file which you simply work through to change the way TAR works and looks.
  • Disable buttons and menus with ease.
  • Add new buttons with ease.
  • Add items to the context menus for regular function use
  • Set the page to load in TAR by defining one variable. (This can also be used to load a value from a database)

Try out these features yourself!

There are three demos to try:

  • Standard Demo (as it comes when you purchase)
  • Minimised Demo (with many buttons and functions disabled)
  • Customised Demo (includes custom menus etc)

Visit the demo page


  • Standard Demo
  • Minimal Demo
  • Customised Demo

Client Comments

This editor is great! I set it up in my form mailer really easily, best of all… it’s free!! Thanks Guys!
Dan McLoud, CoveredSoft UK
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